Write 3 post about how you an your family have benefitted from the RPC on home page. Create the About, Contact, and Resources pages and customize them with your own information. Modify the Navigation bar to show these changes.


Identify two possible USP’s for the RPC. Defend each.


There are many USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions) for the RPC but two are more important for me than all the others combined.

First, the world view of the RPC is the Freedom Philosophy (FP) of Ron Paul. Our country needs this desperately to reestablish itself on the right path. The FP is pro freedom, pro liberty, pro capitalism, pro business, pro personal responsibility, pro etrepreneurism, and pro morality. Instead of central planning by bureaucrats with no skin in the game, business planning is by buyers and sellers making the best deal for themselves and taking risks with their own money instead of someone else’s. Incentive to work is increased because there is no free lunch through redistribution of achievers money to non-achievers. This is a worldview that is needed to get out country back on the road to prosperity and law and order.

Second, students are taught to learn and teach themselves, providing lifetime skills that will enrich their lives. The discipline of sitting down and teaching yourself is rewarding and allows the student to go at his own pace and I believe many will accelerate their education because it is so interesting. Personally, having completed 145 lessons in thirty days has been very interesting and challenging.


Write an ad to a friend to persuade his parents to sign up for RPC.

Youngest brother, J, I am an affiliate of the Ron Paul Curriculum. That means I get paid if you were to sign up for the RPC. I was thinking of your two youngest boys and their entrepreneurial spirit. I am sure you have a great homeschool curriculum but I thought they should be made aware of the RPC even if they take only the business course portion. Even though I do not have any kids in school any longer I signed up for it just to take the business course and part of that makes me an affiliate of the program with my own website to promote it.

The annual fee is $250 plus $50 a course and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. (as a sidebar, Luke M. did some of one of the primary grade courses.) The curriculum is self-contained and only requires an internet connection and computer. That’s it. No textbooks, handwritten papers, printers (I like to print off my notes though for review) no paper, pencils, course planning, parental teaching, or handholding. All reading is done on PDF’s or on the internet. Most of the teaching is by PHD’s or Professors so the quality is there. Any questions just play back the video and review until clear or ask fellow students on the forums for each course (teaching others is the best learning.)

No Common Core Zone. The freedom philosophy of Ron Paul is front and center with Western Civ taught with the Literature of the era just as American History is taught with its. (I plan on taking these courses myself, they are so great.) Bonus, parents can take any course their children take free!

I have been so interested in the Business Course I. It is a year long course of 180 lessons about an hour each. I began taking it May 26 of this year and have completed 140 lessons in less than 30 days. Some days I completed 15 lessons. The course is taught by Dr. Gary North, a business entrepreneur, among many other accomplishments. It is an online video course with a reading and approximately 30 minute long video for each lesson. Every 5th lesson there is a writing project, one of which you are currently reading. This is the only course in which any books need to be purchased, and there are 13 books that North will review in the lessons. Kindle versions can be gotten for about $7-8 each for 10 of them. Hard copies would be required of the other three. Of course, the library would have some of them.

In the course, advertising, marketing, morality, personal relationships, goal setting, selling, blogging and website development are taught. There are several opportunities to start businesses as they go though the course.

But, Wait, there’s more. They can take the CLEP cram courses and for $50 each and complete the first two years of college before they graduate from high school. Not only is there a money back guarantee on the cram course, if you do not score at least 50 points they will pay for the CLEP test also. There is so much more to tell you about the course but I will wait for a phone conversation for that.




List 15 benefits of the RPC. For any of the benefits offer personal testimony (proof).

Reason #1: Students begin writing weekly essays in the fourth grade. They do this for nine years. They master the unique lifetime skill of effective writing. The more writing you do the better. These exercises force me to be more concise.

Reason #2: It is self-taught. This Business Course is a prime example.

Reason #3: Students help each other on the courses’ forums. I have been able to go to the forums and ask questions of other students.

Reason #4: Daily video lessons — exclusive to the RPC (not on YouTube). Students learn by reading, lecture and writing. Hearing is helping to use all the senses for learning.

Reason #5: There are no textbooks to buy — even in math and science courses. It is all available on the internet.

Reason #6: Students read original sources in history and government courses. Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Reason #7: There is a weekly review lesson in every course for much higher memory retention rates. Repetition is essential for remembering.

Reason #8: In most of the high school courses, college professors or Phd.’s teach. Check out the faculty yourself.

Reason #9: There are three high school tracks: humanities, math/natural science, and business. See Curriculum.

Reason #10: The high school has two years of Western civilization — unique. (Most have only one year.) Western Civ I and II.

Reason #11: The high school has two years of Western literature — unique. (They parallel the Western Civ courses for better understanding of both history and literature.). My wife teaches at a private school and they use the same method.

Reason #12: The American history course and the American literature course are also parallel for better understanding of both — unique. They reinforce one another.

Reason #13: The high school has two year-long courses on starting a home business. I am working on that now.

Reason #14: The high school has a full-year course on public speaking. See the curriculum.

Reason #15: The high school has a year’s course on personal finances for teens. See the curriculum.



Write at least five student benefits of the RPC that I missed in the 26 reasons landing page. Remember the rule: “Lead with the benefit. Follow with the proof.”

First, the RPC is portable, go any where. Class can go anywhere there is an internet connection to watch the video on an IPad, android device, or laptop. Travel time can be used efficiently.

     Second, the amount of time saved in travel to school and standing in line is valuable and can be used to learn more, time to explore or do chores.

     Third, being on line as you study, you can also refer to other internet resources to verify and add to your learning. The internet is the greatest learning tool ever devised.

     Fourth, a self learner will be motivated to learn more and advance quickly as the teaching is available at all times of day. Personally, I have done as many as 15 lessons a day on the Business Course as I have been so interested.

     Fifth, it easy to take notes on lectures because if you get behind you can rewind and catch what you missed. How many times have you wanted the teacher to go over something again?